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NiceChange service bonus program

A bonus program has been created in the NiceChange digital asset exchange service. For active participation in the life of the service on the part of users in the form of feedback with suggestions for improving the service, its improvements, upgrades and pointing out the shortcomings, NiceChange awards bonuses. You can also leave reviews, for which you will also be thanked.

How to top up a bitcoin wallet? The easy way.

Find out how to use a convenient Bitcoin wallet and withdraw money to your card in minutes.

How to exchange cryptocurrency on Telegram?

Safe and profitable way to buy bitcoins using the Telegram platform

Card verification

What is card verification for? In order to minimize fraudulent activities and our own safety, we are forced to use a verification system for your bank card.


Coupons. How to get, use and activate.

What is Bitcoin?

If you have never heard the word bitcoin before, then you are not reading the news at all. But, despite the fact that in the past few years only the lazy has not written about bitcoins, almost no one can clearly explain the main idea of this system, let alone the technical details. Lets try to figure out for ourselves what bitcoins are, what are they for and why are they so popular?

Why was my application not processed?

If your application was not processed, was deleted, or is erroneous, then most likely incorrect exchange details were indicated, or it is not possible to transfer to the details you specified.

What is Bitcoin confirmation?

To move bitcoins from one owner to another, you need to get confirmation from the network. Without this, the user has no right to dispose of the cryptocurrency, which is formally his property.