NiceChange service bonus program


2020-10-06 00:00:00:

We value our clients time and are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services. In this regard, we have implemented a bonus program that is aimed at maximum quality control.

Now leaving feedback on our work or sending feedback on the quality of the service, proposals for its development and modernization will become even more profitable and interesting for our customers.

We offer two ways to get bonuses:

1. For leaving an unbiased review on the monitoring of online exchangers .

After each completed exchange, you can follow the link that our service will offer in the corresponding information block on the page that opens:

Каждый пользователь может принять участие в бонусной программе оставив отзыв о нашем сотрудничестве


When leaving a review on the BestChange website, be sure to indicate your application number in the field with the appropriate name:

При оставлении отзыва о нашем сервисе на сайте BestChange не забывайте правильно вносить информацию о номере вашего обмена


Leave an objective review and submit it to BestChange . Thats all!

All reviews are monitored by our employees and from 15 to 50 bonuses will be credited to your balance . 1 bonus is equal to 1 Russian ruble. You can use bonuses when making further exchanges by paying them up to 20% of the created application:

Списание бонусов с внутреннего баланса на сайте NiceChange


You always see the write-offs of bonuses, this mechanism is implemented in the service as transparently as possible:


Каждый пользователь четко видит размер списываемых бонусов


You can write off bonuses at once or save them for a larger exchange, the NiceChange service does not limit anyone in this.

The amount of bonuses for feedback on BestChange monitoring is based on the volume of the exchange made. The minimum threshold is 15 bonuses when exchanging up to RUB 1,500 inclusive, above RUB 1,500 bonuses are charged in the amount of 1% of the exchange amount, but no more than 50 bonuses. Bonus accrual is rounded down to a whole number.

2. The second way to get bonuses to your NiceChange account is through feedback. You can evaluate the quality of service by highlighting important aspects with asterisks in our functionality:

Дайте обратную связь нашему сервису по поводу улучшений и модернизации - получите 5 бонусов


At the bottom of the submit feedback window, you can:

  1. Indicate suggestions for improving the service.
  2. Write any wishes for the service.
  3. Write comments .

For this assistance, we charge a fixed number of bonuses - 5.


Attention! The bonus program is a way to reward users for their help on the way to the best result in building a service, and not a way to cheat reviews or a mechanism in any other interpretation. We do not oblige each user to comply with the conditions or actions indicated on this page. NiceChange Service reserves the right to cancel the bonus program, change its rules and / or the amount of bonuses accrued, revise it as you like and as many times as you like.

For carrying out exchanges in order to receive bonuses, any manipulations with the bonus program or attempts to mislead the site administration, the user may be blocked or bonuses may not be credited. Lets get better together.