What is HedgeTrade (HEDG) in simple words: history, course and how to buy


2019-08-21 00:00:00:

Today, cryptocurrency is experiencing a new round of growth. The worlds best marketers are tirelessly working on new startups to segment their audiences.

One of the promising blockchain products is НedgeTrade . This is a relatively new project in the cryptocurrency market, so it is quite logical that any interested user will have a lot of questions: what is hedgetrade, how it differs from an alternative currency, how profitable is its investment, etc. This article provides a complete overview of the hedgetrade cryptocurrency, which, according to the 2019 rating, is included in the first fifty TOP-200 promising blockchain projects.

What is HedgeTrade (HEDG)?

HedgeTrade is a unique project with a turnover of the cryptocurrency of the same name, the goal of which is to create a digital community. On the basis of this platform, traders around the world can exchange forecasts for changes in the value of valuable assets. The creators declare that the platform is created by "traders for traders" and is perfect as a launching pad for beginners. It is here that they can get detailed information about the market situation and use the experience of competent colleagues to build their own trading tactics.

The monetization model is built on the principle of exchanging forecast information. Traders publish predictions in the Blueprint smart contact based on smart contracts. Access to these forecasts for personal use can be purchased or unblocked by a registered bidder. They remain "frozen" for a certain period until the time for which the forecast is issued expires. If this forecast came true, and the buyers were in profit, the trader takes the reward. Otherwise, the user does not lose anything: the money is returned to the account. The merchant receives a reward only for accurate predictions. The project team calls this the agreed interests of the parties. Users are allowed to conduct the same transactions and receive income at the same time.

All settlements on the HedgeTrade platform are carried out using the internal HEDG cryptocurrency, which, in fact, is an ERC-20 standard token and operates on the Ethereum platform .  

The essence of the Ethereum project is to create a decentralized virtual machine that will be able to manage platforms and applications using the smart contact option . The functional responsibilities of these contacts include building services with a decentralized network that will interface with the Ethereum platform. Thus, there is an excellent opportunity to use the resources of decentralized networks for virtual settlements, designated data storage, high-speed and reliable financial-type applications.

The blockchain of the project has the ability to form new blocks in the network with an interval of 12 seconds. The result of this mechanism is its own virtual coin - Hedgetrade.

The developers managed to bring to life the idea with a completely self-sustaining and continuously scalable network, in which users control the transactions of other users at their discretion . This approach has resulted in increased privacy and improved productivity. 

In simple terms, the process is as follows. The user is ready to conduct trades, but for a correct transaction he needs a conventional sign about the appearance of profitable offers on the market. The trader gives him this sign, for which the user must pay a certain amount. The payout is fixed on the balance of the HedgeTrade platform and is transferred to the trader only if his data was useful to the buyer, and he received his profit. If not, the payment is returned to the user and can be used for other transactions.

History of HedgeTrade (HEDG)

The history of hedgetrade dates back to 2017, when the ICO of the HedgeTrade project was first launched. The sale lasted two months and was $ 15 million for 30 million HEDG tokens. This amount amounted to only 60% of the total emission, the rest of the creators distributed among themselves in the following ratio: the team received 20%, advisors - 7%, the first investors and promising partners got 5% each, the other investors were allocated 3% of tokens.

The founder of the project was Savo Lovsin, the development consultant was Luca Gubo, and the investment analyst was Kristjan Dekleva. Giovanni Lesna was charged with promoting the project.

Hedgetrade appeared at the official auction 2 years later. Compared to ICO, the starting price was almost 6 times lower and amounted to $ 0.144 . 

Distinctive features of HedgeTrade

The Hedge Trade trading platform is designed for sellers who, using the expert opinion of experienced traders, will learn how to trade. Traders are especially interested in providing high-quality and accurate data, because if their forecast comes true, both sides of the transaction are in profit.

Having established such a trading scheme, the platform developers, first of all, tried to create conditions of transparency and trust. The forecaster cannot change the results of his forecasts, since information about them is automatically recorded in the blockchain (you can read about Blockhcain technology here ).

As planned by the project team, all the work of the platform is focused on making a profit. By accessing valuable market data, the user hedges his risks and increases profitability. Hedging is a long-term investment that aims to minimize the risks of any unanticipated changes in the value of an asset by taking a position to offset the accounted for risk. This practice is a kind of exception in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

It is a mistake to consider this platform a broker or to require the system to allow access to trading on the exchange. НedgeTrade does not provide access to operations related to the purchase or sale of assets. For this it is better to resort to the services of official brokerage companies.

Access to authorized users is open from any device - a stationary PC or mobile gadget. System performance is determined by the maximum functionality and high throughput of the blockchain. The software based on decentralized technologies guarantees a high degree of protection against unauthorized access without prepayment. Also, the main task of the blockchain is to protect the authorship of the provided forecast.

Any market forecasts can be considered a kind of speculative maneuver. Lack of accountability is a major factor in mistrust. Reliable sources of sales forecasts are quite rare in todays cryptocurrency world. Often, imaginary forecasters have little interest in the successful completion of the auction, so they mainly profit from their own negligence and payment for low-quality services. In this regard, the Hedge Trade project is a product of a new quality due to the sale of trading forecasts through the blockchain. In this case, the guarantor of a fair deal is a smart contact, which contains an automatic program to comply with all trading conditions.

How HedgeTrade works

The platform is designed for users of any skill level, so the principle of its operation is not complicated by hidden operations and unspoken risks. All interaction of a trader with a user is reduced to a simple scheme:

  1. The trader and the user buy tokens on the platform for Bitcoin [BTC] or exchange them on the exchange for another cryptocurrency.
  2. Using the Blueprint program, a trader creates a special document that contains forecast data for a specific asset.
  3. After the created Blueprint appears on the network, the user can unfreeze the details of the document or buy it with HEDG tokens.
  4. In order to be able to find out the results of the forecast, its validity period, set by the program for each transaction, must expire.
  5. The service connects to market intelligence from each exchange on the assets of several cryptocurrencies and conducts a comparative analysis of the current data with those presented in the forecast, then makes a decision on its correctness.
  6. If the forecast is correct, the tokens are transferred to the trader, if not, they are automatically returned to the user.

The payment system works as follows:

  1. If the Blueprint is successful and the forecast came true, then a mandatory commission of 50% is charged from the amount of tokens that the user spent on the Blueprint purchase, the remaining 50% is sent to the trader.
  2. If the forecast was correct, but there were no buyers for it, 5% of the commission is withheld from the total amount.
  3. When the system fixes the falseness of the forecasts presented, 50% is deducted from the amount set by the creator, the rest is transferred to the users who paid for the forecast.

Each trader, at his discretion, sets the cost of the results of his intellectual work.

The token is irrevocably tied to its ICO project . But at the same time, it is based on the existence of a basic cryptocurrency. The basic trading rule says: the existence of a cryptocurrency without a token is possible, but a token cannot exist without a cryptocurrency. The bottom line is that tokens, based on a specific blockchain, include the main link, which is the cryptocurrency of the same name.

Any token usually meets the following characteristics:

  • has an active purchasing power,
  • serves as a currency in a closed ecosystem,
  • serves as an indicator of the investors share,
  • is a way of rewarding specific actions.

Simply put, a token can serve as a reward on any gaming or trading platform, as well as a unit of account.

The HEDG token can be used in two ways:

  • as an economic intermediary and as a reward for the productive interaction of trading experts and their clients;
  • as a practical tool for making money due to the lack of stability in the exchange rate on trading floors where it is available for trading.

In the first case, the use of the token will be the most widespread. Due to the popularity of the platform, the cryptocurrency is quite in demand. As for the second option, it directly depends on the results of the first. The more often users use predictive data smart contacts, the higher the price of the coin itself. Indeed, at a low cost, it becomes available to any user and attracts unwanted attention from speculators. And, accordingly, large trading volumes enable many traders to receive tangible profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of HedgeTrade

The idea of building a HedgeTrade platform is not considered to be something non-standard or original. Similar projects based on stock forecasts are successfully operating on the basis of many services both in the Russian segment and in the English language. But the huge advantage of HedgeTrade over analog projects is an objective and understandable way of monetization. Other trading platforms do not provide for the possibility of refunds in the event of an insolvency of the transaction. In addition, the following features are considered important advantages of the platform:

  • the site is designed with maximum convenience for both experts and beginners;
  • clear interface, which can be accessed from any device;
  • data transmission is carried out in real time;
  • the program provides high speed of operations and command execution.

Among the obvious advantages, experts highlight a number of disadvantages that hinder the serious growth of the project and the profitability of its cryptocurrency:

  • closedness of the project;
  • low activity of the development team;
  • a limited number of trading platforms.

The main disadvantage is the privacy of the project. There are practically no detailed instructions from the developers on the net. There is no official information about the essence of the project, its tasks. Also, there is no "road map" that gives an idea of the subsequent development of HedgeTrade. Access to free registration is closed on the site, new users receive an invitation by e-mail. This casts doubt on the declared "transparency and purity" of the entire project.

Another drawback is the passivity of the developers. The information on the Github web service is practically not updated, edits to the repository are made extremely rarely, given the fact that many active cryptocurrencies make changes to the coordination one hundred per week. Such low activity clearly does not contribute to the growth of the attractiveness of the hedgetrade cryptocurrency. 

Another point: HEDG tokens can only be bought on a few small, little popular exchanges. Therefore, to work with them correctly, the user must register on a small platform or wait for listing on large exchanges. 

Does mining HEDG exist?

Since working with the HedgeTrade cryptocurrency is based on an energy efficient and decentralized POS algorithm, its extraction using video cards or ASIC equipment is basically impossible.

If you have the necessary resources and an irresistible desire to test your capabilities in hedg mining, you can use the "pseudo mining" technology. This requires a whole farm or at least one powerful video card, on which the miner first extracts the most profitable crypto coin, and then sells it or exchanges it on the exchange at HedgeTrade.

How to buy or sell HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade offers free access to information from traders, but at the moment the hedgetrade exchange, which will allow the user to directly sell cryptocurrency or use other financial instruments for trading between users, is not possible.

The sale of HEDG tokens directly on the platform can be carried out under the following conditions: 

  • Bitcoin will be used to buy a hedge trade;
  • in the case of purchasing Blueprint on the site to obtain the necessary information;
  • after purchasing a Blueprint and only when, after the forecast period has expired, it turns out to be erroneous (the offer is relevant only for the first time purchase);
  • after the Blueprint was created and after the validity period the forecast was correct.

Despite the fact that HEDG tokens are included in the TOP-50 rating lists, not every trading platform can buy them. Hedge tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Today, hedgetrade is actively traded in real time by several cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. CoinTiger is one of the most trusted and popular exchanges that handle the bulk of HEDG trading. Low commission, significant volumes of negotiable transactions, high functionality of the trading platform distinguish CoinTiger from similar exchanges. CoinTiger offers to sell hedges for Bitcoin or Ethereum. The daily turnover of hedgetrade is more than $ 900,000 (72%). 
  2. STEX is one of the simplest platforms that offers trading without lengthy registration. Trades are conducted in pairs with HEDG / BTC. On STEX, the same options are available as on other exchanges, plus the ability to withdraw fiat funds after passing the verification process. The daily turnover of hedgetrade is more than $ 188,000 (15%). 
  3. OEX is an English-language platform with not the fastest access to trading. Buying HEDG is possible for BTC. Minimum commission, free withdrawal of funds, double security system, fast team solution, multicurrency. The daily turnover of hedgetrade is more than $ 162,000 (13%). 
  4. Coin Exchange offers cryptocurrency conversion using smart contacts, guaranteed high liquidity and fast closing. CoinExchange is an online marketplace that focuses on the consumer, reliability and customer support. Trades are conducted in the HEDG / ETH pair . The daily turnover of hedgetrade is $ 1,700 (1%). 

For the future, the developers promise to optimize access to an expanded list of trading platforms where their token will be listed.

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer services for depositing and withdrawing funds on the balance sheet. You can withdraw a hedge only by exchanging it for traditional currency by withdrawing it from the account. To do this, hedgetrade must be exchanged for a more profitable coin such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The search for a suitable exchange can be narrowed by considering the ability of the trading platform to support the required currency pair. After mandatory registration, you should replenish your account by crediting funds from a cryptocurrency wallet to its address. Next, the user puts coins up for auction in accordance with an acceptable rate for himself. If the buyer finds the set rate adequate, he concludes a deal with the user. Thus, instead of cryptocurrency, euros, dollars or rubles appear on the account. Fiat funds can be withdrawn to Visa, MasterCard or other payment systems.

An important point on the basis of all the manipulations: any trade organization withholds the established commission.

Cryptocurrency exchangers are one of the popular ways to sell coins. To search for a suitable exchanger with a favorable rate, you can use special services that, based on statistical data, select the most profitable option, taking into account the location, currency and wallet. It should be noted that they only work with bitcoin. But, if we consider that the hange for withdrawal in any case needs to be changed, then the exchanger option has a chance for consideration.

When planning operations to buy or sell HedgeTrade, it is worth considering the fact that the digital currency is prone to volatility and can change market value indicators under the influence of economic or political factors. In order for the purchase of HedgeTrade to turn out to be profitable, it is important to carefully monitor how the hedgetrade rate changes and the percentage probability of its arbitrage.

HEDG rate to ruble

The hedgetrade rate to the ruble today is 60.32 rubles. At the same time, the return on investment in HEDG has reached almost 552%, which allows the token to take 35th place in the market rating. Cryptocurrency capitalization is more than 17 million rubles. with a daily turnover of 83 million rubles.

HEDG rate to dollar

As of the current month, the circulating supply of HEDG coins is $ 0, and the market capitulation, valuing it at 2394 positions, is $ 0. The hedgetrade rate to the dollar is $ 0.98 with daily sales of over $ 1 million. It reached its record point on August 5, 2019. On the stock exchanges, there is a stable upward trend of more than 2%. The HEDG rate increases by 26% every week, respectively, every month - by 37%. It should be noted this positive dynamics, since in relation to its exchange rate exactly a year ago, which was 0%, this is a significant result. 

It is worth considering the great volatility of the market. Over the last hour, a hedge trade can lose 4% in value, and rise by 6% per day, while the total cost growth per week will be 22%, in 30 days - 23%, and over the year it will rise in price by 528%.

HEDG rate to EUR

Against the euro, hedgetrade reached 0.83 €. The cryptocurrency gained 1.12% over the week. The volume of exchange trades per day is on average over 1 mln. euros, provided that the total capitalization is almost 238 million euros. 

Where to store HEDG

All assets obtained as a result of trading must be moved to a safe place, protected from hacking and hacker attacks. With the development of the cryptocurrency economy, a special multicurrency wallet has become such a place. This is a kind of analogue of a familiar wallet, organized in a cryptocurrency network. The wallet contains information about the users personal access key, with the help of which it is possible to carry out operations for crediting and withdrawing funds placed on the blockchain. Each e-wallet displays the balance of supported assets.

Due to the fact that the HEDG token is created in accordance with the ERC-20 standard, there are the following options for storing hedgetrade:

  • online wallet: Metamask, MyEtherWallet; 
  • mobile: ImToken;
  • hardware: Ledgerwallet, KeepKey, Trezor.

Metamask is a good secure solution for any open source browser that gives users access to their wallet to manage their savings. The wallet works well with decentralized applications.

The process of using the storage provides for the preliminary installation of the application on a stationary PC. Then you need to register and read the terms of use. Further, after simple manipulations with authorization and setting secrecy, the user will receive a personal QR code. It is to this address that savings will be credited.

The hot wallet for storing digital assets MyEtherWallet works in a similar way. Considered one of the most convenient online wallets, it also supports a huge number of tokens and currencies.

ImToken wallet is the best mobile version for storing Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Built-in Dapps browser, personal decentralized token exchanger, high level of security - these and other advantages of a virtual wallet have been appreciated by millions of users.

One of the most popular and reliable ways to store cryptocurrency is a hardware wallet. This is a comfortable storage with a high level of security. In hardware wallets, private access keys are kept separate from the equipment connected to the Internet. If the user is not confused by the high cost of such an option, then the hardware option for storing coins will probably be the most reliable.

To check the balance, it is enough to use a private code or key file. All assets are stored as records in the blockchain system. The user only needs to know the address to which the payment was made. You can track the addresses in the personal account of the application.

Trezor is one of the earliest and most popular "iron wallets", which is managed by the application. The user interacts with the device through a small display with an intuitive interface. It can be used to view archived transactions, receive and transfer tokens, and also use the message viewing function.

The device is designed to store bitcoin and many alternative cryptocurrencies, the list of which is regularly updated. The software also provides for pairing the wallet with a mobile gadget.

In addition to wallets, cryptocurrency can also be stored on the exchange where trades are carried out, but in this case there is no 100% guarantee of the safety of assets.  

How many HEDGs in total

At the moment, hedgetrade is firmly entrenched in the 50 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of capitalization. Therefore, it is not surprising that users involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are worried about how much hedgetrade is still available on the platform. Initially, the creators of the project provided for the release of 1 billion HEDG. Today, there are approximately 300 million tokens in circulation. Cryptocurrency is not subject to mining, which means that all coins were issued by the creators at once or can be issued in small batches according to the project development plan.

HedgeTrade emission

The first distribution of tokens took place in 2017. The creators of the project set themselves the goal of earning $ 15 million. To collect this amount, 30 million HEDG was auctioned off. Investors who were the first to decide on a risky investment were rewarded with pleasant bonuses for further work with the platform. Plus, the purchase was accompanied by additional tokens: on the first day of trading, the surcharge was 15% of the total purchase amount; on the following days, the rate gradually decreased to 3% on the 10th day of trading.

As of today, the project has issued 228 million tokens, and the final emission of hedgetrade, which after a while will have an impact on the market, amounted to 1 billion tokens.

During the first month of free circulation, the issued coin made it into the TOP-200 of the best cryptocurrencies, today it occupies a confident 42 position. The capitalization volume of $ 208 million makes it possible to open a listing on additional trading platforms, which will contribute to a new stage in the development of the entire project.

The HedgeTrade platform occasionally distributes HEDG tokens, the last activity was recorded in May 2019. Then the project released 700 thousand tokens.

What is provided by HedgeTrade

Despite the global development of the cryptocurrency market, digital money does not inspire confidence in many people. This is due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is not backed by anything. Indeed, digital money does not have any backing in the form of physical assets - precious metals and stones or securities. However, many start-up organizers are trying to solve this issue through the strong volatility of crypto coins through the launch of special purpose digital money - stemcoins. The price of such a currency depends on the demand for it and the influence of the pricing policy on the asset to which it is assigned. New tokens are tied to the value of fiat currencies or to raw materials (commodities).

When it comes to securing a hedge, then it requires a reliable support in the form of an existing asset. But blockchain policies based on distribution, decentralization and independent influence do not provide for additional control.

To determine what is backed by HedgeTrade and what is its objective value, the following factors must be taken into account:

  1. Any cryptocurrency is a combination of numbers produced by mathematical calculations. To derive these results, you need to spend a lot of resources that determine the cost. Previously, electricity costs were a large expense item. But today, with the advent of new ways of obtaining digital coins, equipment ceases to be so expensive as to directly affect the price of virtual money.
  2. Demand generates supply, and if there is supply, then a price must be set for it. For this reason, the real value of a hedge should be determined by the willingness of users to pay any fiat funds for it.

But, since hedgetrade does not belong to the category of currency for mining, it makes no sense to talk about its provision as special money. 

The future of HedgeTrade

The future of HedgeTrade is quite promising. The developers continue to work on improving the concept of social trading, which has reached a new level in the field of modern trading in highly profitable assets. This blockchain project provides a unique opportunity for intellectual earnings using your knowledge and experience. In addition, it is an excellent launching pad for trading pioneers.

Finding a reliable source for making accurate predictions is extremely costly in terms of money and time. Therefore, the very idea of the hedgetrade platform may interest many users. But in view of the limited possibilities of the cryptocurrency market, one should not expect rapid mass distribution from the HEDG token. Today this project is better viewed as an additional source of information and an excellent opportunity to exchange experience.

Subject to the elimination of obvious shortcomings in the work of the project team to promote their startup, HedgeTrade can soon enter the TOP-20 popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Considering the fact that without much developer activity, it is already in the top 50.

A new round in the development of HEDG can happen thanks to the active implementation of the idea of popularizing cryptocurrency by spreading it through multi-accounts on social networks.

Attracting institutional investors will significantly increase the chances of hedgetrade tokens in the trading race. To this end, 600 cryptocurrency hedge funds were created in the past year alone. According to their performance, such organizations are a very important link in the investment infrastructure. Their role is to serve large organizations willing to invest in digital assets.

To be completely honest, the prospects of HEDG and the cryptocurrency market in general depend on whether the issue of regulating the turnover of cryptocurrency at the legislative level moves off the ground. Indeed, today the authorities refuse to assign the official status of a legal payment system to cryptocurrency.

Reviews and forecasts of experts are very optimistic, therefore, most likely, the project will be able to develop in the future as the popularity and mass character of the cryptocurrency market as a whole grows.