Bitcoin mining difficulties down 4.33 percent, the biggest drop since mid-2021


Now digital gold mining will be much easier, as the difficulty has decreased by 4.33 percent. So DAA fell from 31.24 trillion. up to 29.85 trillion. This decline was the largest since mid-2021. The change in DAA came at block reading 737,856. The introduction of downside adjustments helps miners justify some of the cost and make it easier to find rewards.

Tether Organization Announces Launch of Mexican Peso-pegged Stablecoin, MXNT


Tether is known in the cryptocurrency market as the creator of USDT. It has launched a new stablecoin variant called MXNT. Its peculiarity is that its value depends on the Mexican peso. It will be available for transfers within the ETH, Tron and Polygon blockchains.

Startup Ripple will solve problems with the SEC and enter the IPO


The Ripple chief did not refute the organizations plans to conduct an initial setup of shares after its positive resolution of issues with the control body of the United States of America. During the World Economic Forum, which was held in Davos, Brad Garlinghouse was interviewed for various economic journals. He said that the organization is working to implement the IPO immediately after the successful completion of the process in court with the SEC. Additionally, it was noted that the organizations had made great progress in litigation. This suggests that its entry into the trading floor can be realized already at the end of this year.

How to use Tether (USDT)


The Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency was released in 2014, although it was called differently - RealCoin. It was created on the BTC blockchain protocol and was launched by Bitfinex. The coin was originally developed as a way to link digital and fiat currencies. In fact, it is a digital dollar, since this token is backed by a dollar.

Can Bitcoin become the only cryptocurrency, displacing other digital assets?


The number of digital currencies - promising and not very promising - is growing every year. To date, a site engaged in analytical research in the field of cryptocurrencies has calculated that the number of registered cryptocurrencies has exceeded 9 thousand. This indicator is the best demonstration of how many users are striving to take their place in the cryptocurrency field.

Investment in Bitcoin for 100 million from a well-known company


A public company registered in Japan as a developer of gaming products acquired about 1,717 Bitcoins, which in dollars exceeds 100 million. The average price of a coin at the time of acquisition was 58 thousand dollars. According to the statements of representatives of the Nexon company, they invested in cryptocurrency only 2% of the total assets that the company has.

Paxos launches blockchain for securities settlement


US Exchange and Bond Commission approves Paxos

Bitcoin Ticket Sale Coming Soon


According to Stig Kyos-Mathisen, thanks to the developed payment system, you can buy tickets with bitcoins