Bitcoin mining difficulties down 4.33 percent, the biggest drop since mid-2021


Now digital gold mining will be much easier, as the difficulty has decreased by 4.33 percent. So DAA fell from 31.24 trillion. up to 29.85 trillion. This decline was the largest since mid-2021.

The change in DAA came at block reading 737,856. The introduction of downside adjustments helps miners justify some of the cost and make it easier to find rewards.

Large-scale power change in technology has a consistent appearance and has been developed carefully over a long period of time. His rate was above 200 EH/s. At the beginning of May of this year, the power parameter for BTC rose to an incredible 275 EH / s with a block height of 734,577. Now there are 1864 coins available for mining, which can be mined until the DAA changes, which will take place on June 8th. Once every 14 days, about 51 sequences will change before the double reward is received.

At the moment, the difficulty in mining has such an indicator that cars with terahash 30 are considered not the most profitable. Unless electricity bills exceed $0.12 per kilowatt.

The values for the last three days show that Foundry USA was one of the best options for mining digital gold when compared to the global increase in capacity. Now the hash rate is 24.28 percent of the total value of 51.10.